The Labyrinth of Touhou 2 (Touhou no Meikyu 2)



This game is…

  • Created by Nise-Eikoku Studio
  • A Touhou RPG that is similar to Etrian Odyssey.
  • Recommended for those who want to spend a lot of (in-game) money on Touhou characters.

Recommended Points

① Very cute illustrations

…It goes without saying.

I started playing it mainly because of the illustrations.

It takes a lot of work to develop the characters, so you may feel as if you were working hard for the Touhou girls in reality .

As you can see in the picture, the character Shameimaru Aya now has the attack level of 8000, and the agility level of 7500.

As you may know, Aya is said to be the fastest girl in Gensokyo, and she is also the quickest character in this RPG.

② You can play it for a very long time.

I played about 300h. I have never played a Touhou indie game with such a long storyline.

However, I cannot say I’ve completely cleared the game. The enemies in the end game contents are too strong to beat.
The level of one of them is 12800, even though my party’s average level is 5300.

Actually, the level of the final boss is only 300.
The level of enemies is highly inflated.

Well, I think the overall difficulty is moderate, except for the end game contents.
It may be partly because you can defeat enemies by just leveling up and powering up characters.


<Level Up>

① B11 is the best basement/floor for leveling up. You can earn the most money and EXP.

② Komachi, Aya, Suika, or Iku should be used. You should increase as many TP and MP as possible. Iku’s normal attack is enhanced by the skill “Hagoromo wa Sora no Gotoku.”( Hagoromo is like the sky)(羽衣は空の如く)

③ The above characters should have the subclass “Taijutsushi” (体術師) and a skill “Normal Attack Expansion”(通常攻撃全体化)

④ You only have to press “Z” key during battles.


You can use any characters you like. Every character has some strong points.

But I especially recommend these characters.

・Yagokoro Eirin(八意永琳): She has a spell that heals others.
・Flandre Scarlet (フランドール・スカーレット):She has a very strong attack spell.
・Shameimaru Aya(射命丸文): Very quick ♪

My party is shown on the right.
I just chose my favorite characters.


Completing the achievements is not so difficult.
The names of the achievements are interesting.

Dev’s Viewpoint

・Very elaborate UI, effects. They have some animations.

・I imagine how long it took them to set up a lot of skills, weapons, and enemies.

・Many indie games have more or less flaws, but this game has very few of them.

Where to Get This

① Disc (CD-ROM): There are two CD-ROMs for this title. The second disc is a “Plus Disc”, which contains additional contents. However, there are few places that sell these discs, and only Japanese version available (I think).

②Steam : It seems that an English version is also available, so I think it is better to buy this on Steam.

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